Best Places for Metal Detecting in Nevada

Metal Detecting Nevada

Nevada is one of the most popular states for gold prospectors. Currently, Nevada is the number one gold and silver producer in the United States.

With a long history of mining, Nevada has had a great history of settlement and has numerous ghost towns that present metal detecting hobbyist with a great opportunity to discover something of value.

Most metal detectors in Nevada focus on areas where they can find large size gold nuggets although there are a lot of other things to discover such as buried treasure, lost coins, and other relics. Being a semi-arid land, many parts of Nevada allows for metal detecting throughout the year.

Some the places to metal detect in Nevada include:


Humboldt County


The county has several places where metal detectors can find large gold nuggets of great value. The county is also home to some of the oldest settlements in the state and thus makes it easy for metal detectors to discover relics from the past. Some of the districts explore for gold nuggets include the Varyville, the Winnemucca, Dutch Flats and the Rebel Creek districts.

For relics from the past explore Paradise Valley, Gold Run, the Warm Springs and the Awakening districts.


Elko County


Elko County has a great mining history. It is also home to a number of major mining districts in the state. Most of the rich places you should metal detect are in the region around Mountain City.

Some of the major districts to look out for include Alder district which was a major mining center in the 1870s, the Aura District which had placer gold mined in Columbia and Sheridan Creeks, the Charleston district which has history of mining in the Badger Creek, 76 Creek, Coleman canyon, Hammond canyon and the Bruneau River.

The Van Duzer district just next to Mountain City is also another place where you can discover valuable gold nuggets.

Any of these old mining towns could potentially produce some nice relics too.


Pershing County


This county is a great candidate for metal detecting as hobbyists can find gold nuggets throughout the county. The most popular place with metal detectors is the Rye Parth Placers area which has produced many large gold nuggets along with some interesting gold crystals. There’s still lots of gold here even after being heavily prospected for nearly a century.

Some of other places to go metal detecting includes the Dun Glen Creek, Seven Troughs, Willow creek, Rabbit Hole, and Sawtooth diggings.


White Pine County


This county is located in a remote area, in fact it is the most sparsely populated. This makes the county the least explored places in the entire country and thus a perfect place to find real valuables from the past. Some of the historic places in the county include the Bald Mountain district which has had mining operations in the past a hundred years.

Mining operations have also been recorded in Dry Gulch within the Osceola district.


Nye County


Nye County is one of the most mineral rich counties in the state. The county is home to the Round Mountain Gold Mine which is one of the largest gold mines in the United States.

Gold nuggets and other valuables have been found throughout the county. Some of the rich districts you should explore include the Bullfrog district, the Jackson district, the Union district, the Tonopath district, the Manhattan district, the Johnnie district and the Tybo districts among others.

Nye County has a long history of mining and settlement and is rich in minerals and thus a great place to metal detect as also most all the land has the potential of delivering something of value.

Nevada Gold Nugget


Mineral County


As the name suggests this county has had a great mining history. The county has produces both gold and silver and has several old mines and lots of open spaces and abandoned settlements worth exploring.

Some of the districts with potential for valuable finds include Aurora district, Gold range district, Candelaria district, Garfield district, and Hawthorne district.

The county also has several old settlements and ghost towns that could have hidden treasure and lots other relics waiting to be discovered.


Lander County


Lander County is another historical county in Nevada. The county has produced both gold and silver in large quantities making it a perfect place to try your luck at metal detecting. In the county seek to explore old mining sites, old settlements and sites for ghost towns.

Some of the rich mining districts that you should focus on include Mud Springs, Reese River, New Pass, and Bullion districts.


Eureka County


Eureka County also has a long history of mining. In fact, the county is the host of the Carlin Mine which is one of America’s richest gold deposits.

Some places to find some valuable include the region around the Tuscarora Mountains near the Carlin Mine in the Lynn districts. Other districts worth exploring include the Eureka, Buckhorn, and the Maggie Creek districts.


Esmeralda County


This county has lots of metal detecting opportunities too. Mining started in the county in the 1870s leaving behind some interesting old mines and settlements. Metal detectors can find real valuables in some of the abandoned places here.

Some of the rich areas you should consider exploring include the Sylvania, Tonopah, Tule Canyon, Klondyke, Tokop and the Silver Peak areas.

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