How to Find Gold Nuggets

How to Find Gold Nuggets

I’m Amazed at How Well the Gold Cube Works on Fine Gold

Fine Gold Mining Equipment

The Gold Cube is an excellent piece of gold prospecting equipment, designed to cater for the modern gold prospector’s needs. It was invented by Steve Wilcox and Mike Pung. Necessity was the driving force behind the invention of the Gold Cube, just as with most inventions. Separating gold from fine sand is a real struggle.

While using a sluice box does the job, it can miss much of the gold if used continuously. You end up losing a lot of fine gold in the process.

The Gold Cube is a super concentrator—something you can barely tell from its size. It is small and lightweight but can process a ton of concentrates into ounces at a very high speed, while capturing the extra fine gold. This unique equipment operates on a 12-volt battery. The stacking trays are built from indestructible plastic. The slick plate has a controlled water flow meant to process huge amounts of 8 mesh in the least time possible.


How The Gold Cube Works


The cube works by using water to separate gold from the lighter material through layering or stratification. It has a water diffuser that creates an even waterfall over the slick plate. When the water is passed over the slick plate, the first degree of separation occurs, the less dense material moves ahead and gold lags behind. The material then moves to the G-force separator where the second degree of separation takes place. The material has to go through a gate to break surface tension and push the lighter material ahead of the gold.

This takes your concentrate to the second tray, the vortex matting where it undergoes the third degree of separation. The numerous small low-pressure zones push your gold deep and drive the lighter material back to the water flow. This process goes on through all the vortex trays and the degree of separation keeps on increasing as finer gold is retained. The lighter material exits at the bottom of the unit.


Using The Gold Cube


Before you set out to work:

  • Check and ensure that the pump is properly connected to the battery. The brown wire should connect to the red (positive) terminal.
  • Do away with any bubbles. The mats must be sufficiently wet up to the bottom of the cubes vortex pockets to avoid bubbles. When there is a bubble, it is easy for gold to slide right above it. After wetting your mat, check for things that look like shining diamonds—those are bubbles. Spray the mats with high pressured water until they look black with no shiny diamonds.
  • If you have a lot of black sand to run, go slow. Black sand tends to be heavier than the regular sand. Feed the slick plate as required to ensure maximum retention.
  • When you aren’t using the Gold Cube, keep it stored away from direct sunlight.

  • After setting up your Gold Cube and all the equipment that you need, turn on the water. Then take scoops of your concentrate and place them on the slick plate. The cube can handle up to 1000 pounds of substance in an hour. Keep feeding the plate but make sure that you do not exceed its capacity (although it is not easily possible). From there, you are ready to do a cleanup. Most of the gold is going to be on the first vortex matting, where the third degree of separation occurs; then it gets less and less as you move downwards.

    To clean out, you can disengage the tray with the gold and use the horse to spray it with water, while holding it above the tub. The gold (along with other residues) will flow into the tub. Alternatively, you can use a gold pan if there is not much gold. Use a scoop to run water across the tray and into the pan.

    Unlike with a sluice box, when you turn the water off then on during the process you will not lose any of your gold.

    The Gold Cube can either be a 3-Stack or a 4-Stack.

    The type of gold determines which model is better to suit your needs. If the gold is very flat, you are better off using the 4-Stack. This is because the flatter the gold the lighter it is and it can easily sail over the waves. The extra stack gives added assurance that the gold will be retained.

    The Gold Cube is a great invention that assures prospectors of maximum gold. The cube is designed specifically to ensure that you get all your gold, however fine. By use of the centrifugal and gravitational force, the gold will have no way of escaping. There is also the added advantage of the extra stack to retain the flat and lighter gold.

    This piece of equipment is sure worth its weight in gold. Especially if you are mining in an area that has an abundance of very fine gold then the Gold Cube is just what you need.

    Have a look at this video to see it in action:

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