Metal Detecting for Gold Nuggets in Arizona

Arizona Gold Nuggets

Arizona is a favorite destination for metal detectorists. This is perhaps because of its rich mining history and the mild winter climate that allows for prospecting throughout the year.

It is important to note that to find a perfect spot for metal detecting you will have to do some research.

There is a lot of gold in Arizona, but there is also a lot of barren desert too. Finding the historic mining districts is a good start in narrowing down your prospecting areas.

Some of the places with a lot prospects for metal detectors per county include:


Yavapai County Gold


There is a lot of mining history in Yavapai County. And there are lots of gold nuggets that you can still find with a metal detector.

Metal detectors are one of the best tools to find gold nuggets throughout the county. Some impressive discoveries are still being made today.

Some of the major places to look out for include around Prescott in the Lynx Creek District, the Antelope and the Weaver Creeks in the Rich Hill district and the slopes of the Bradshaw Mountains in the Big Bug district.

Other districts popular with metal detecting include the Jerome District which is the largest gold producer in the country, the Black Canyon District located in the southeast region of the county, the Agua Fria on the Agua Fria River, the Eureka District near the town of Bagdad, the Groom Creek District to the west of the Bradshaw Mountains and Humbug district among others.


Mohave County Gold


Mohave County is also a favorite of many metal detectors because it is the state’s second-largest gold producers and thus offers prospectors an opportunity to find gold. In addition, there are lots of historic places with great relics yet to be discovered.

Some of the places in the county where you should look for when thinking of metal detecting sites include the San Francisco District which is home to the site of the 1863 gold discovery, the Gold Basin District near the Colorado River, the Wallapai District (which is rich in zinc and lead but offers relic hunting opportunities), and the Hualapai Mountains in the Maynard Mining District.

This is a large county with lots of areas open to prospecting with a metal detector or drywasher.


Cochese County Gold


This country has lots of rich mining history that back to the early years of the 1800s. There are lots of stories about rich mines and lost treasure in the county.

Some of the places you should prioritize when looking for metal detecting sites include the northern end of the Dos Cabezas District which is known for gold production, the Bisbee district which is one of the most productive mining districts in the county, and the Huachuca Mountains in the Huachuca district which has a rich history of mining.


Yuma County Gold


Yuma County is another of Arizona’s rich gold mining counties. It is dotted with several old mining ghost towns and other historical places that are perfect for metal detecting.

Some of the best places you should focus on when metal detecting in Yuma County include the Gila Mountains in the Dome district which is the site of the first major gold discovery in 1858, the Laguna Mountains in the Laguna district that are said to have rich placer gold deposits especially in the areas around the Las Flores region, the central region of Muggins Mountain range and the region surrounding the Big Eye Mine in the Castle Dome district.

Other places to look for include the Kofa District, the La Paz District and the Dome Rock Mountain in the Plomosa District.


Maricopa County Gold


Maricopa County is another rich mining district in Arizona. The county has lots of old places that present a great opportunity for metal detecting hobbyist to discover something valuable. If you are new to the county some of the places you should explore include the Vulture Mountains in the Vulture district which has several old mines and the region around Wickenburg.

The Red Picacho area, the Hassayampa area and the San Domingo area are all well-known to Arizona gold miners. Research on other old mines and ghost towns within the county and you will be surprised to learn of great places to explore.

Make sure that you get permission from claim owners before metal detecting here since most of the known mining areas are now heavily claimed.

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Arizona Gold Mines


These 5 counties in Arizona have hundreds of active and abandoned gold mines, and literally thousands of smaller prospects. There is still a lot of gold remaining.

Some of the best areas to hunt for gold nuggets in Arizona are within these counties. They have a long history of gold production, and they are known to produce large gold nuggets that can be found with a metal detector.

You can search around the large well-known mines, but some of the best places to explore now area the smaller hidden prospecting sites that haven’t yet been hunted. Always keep an eye out for old drywasher piles and other evidence of historic gold mining activity. They might help lead you to the gold.

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